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Just Starting Out With Music????

Just Starting Out With Music?

April 20th, 2011 by JuiceHarpJester

So, you just found out your child may be a future “bluegrasser”  because she has an interest in music but does not know what instrument to play or how to play it. This is common amongst youngsters that have a desire to play music and many parents are not sure what they can do to feed that inspiration to become actuality. Especially if they cannot play music themselves.
Well, here are some ideas that may help:
  • Discuss the importance of the dedication needed to become a musician with your child in terms she can understand and agree to.
  • Start your child out with something simple to play, a recorder (straight flute) is the normal first instrument for teaching music.
  • Find a reasonable music instructor to teach him.  You might be thinking “I have never heard anyone play a flute in bluegrass before, why should I bother having my child learn it?” Well the next idea will help explain.
  • Music theory pertains to all music. An inexpensive instrument can prove vital the sincerity your child may or may not have to learn it and potentially save you the cost of a more expensive instrument that just sits around and collects dust.
  • Once your child has a grasp on music theory, ask her some questions about what she likes about music and what instrument interests her the most. The information, from music class, will prove beneficial with her choice of instrument.
  • Do not buy a cheap instrument. By cheap, I mean low quality. It will be difficult to play, sound bad when played properly and your child may loose interest. Shop around to find a quality instrument at a reasonable price. Your music instructor may be of some help.
  • Make sure the instrument is the right size for your child and encourage him to practice daily.

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