Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New book and videos coming soon...

Hey guys....exciting news...

My books are at the publisher and I am so excited to get them out and into your hands. So,
you have wanted to play the banjo but, thought it was complicated. Now, with the help of these books, you will be playing songs at a faster rate than you thought possible. I have included tips to practicing and chord charts for each song. And coming soon, I will be uploading each song on YOUTUBE so you hear it played slowly. Many of my students have told me they have a hard time learning the song listening to it at it's normal I will play it at a slow speed so you can hear all the notes and all the special things that make it sound fun...slides, hammers, get my drift. There are three volumes and each one has a good selection of songs to learn.

I have been teaching for 40+ years and I know what it takes to learn a song and be successful playing it. There are lots of good tips on practicing so you will achieve your goals and be the banjo player you thought you could be.

Stay tuned to info on getting your won't be long now....

Terrie Fleming's Beginner Banjo 101..A Simple Guide to 5 string Pickin'

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